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This 2 week guide is a full body burn, with a focus on the waist and lower body, however all body parts are trained. This guide is designed to help you build a strong, lean physique, and most importantly enjoy the journey. Don’t forget to combine this guide with good nutrition and know that consistency is key.


We did it familia! We are 3 million strong.

Did you know that I started uploading workouts to YouTube over 4 years ago. I spent the first 3 years filming and editing to get just a handful of views on each video. There were times when I was incredibly close to giving up. It took 3 years of uploading to grow our familia to 30,000 subscribers. It was so much graft, and I felt like I just wasn’t having my ‘break’. I would spend a full day filming, editing and uploading each workout, and it would get just a few views. But I was determined to find you and help you all! Despite the periods of doubt and considering going back to my day job as a Physiotherapist, I didn’t give up. LOOK AT US NOW… We are 3 million strong. I found you, and you found me familia, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Over the past 16 months we have grown from 30,000 to 3 million subscribers! Thank you for being part of this incredible journey, familia. I love you all more than you could imagine.

It’s time to celebrate with our LEAN 7 Day 3 Million Guide. All of the workouts are free and can be accessed on YouTube and also one free workout on the LEAN App.There’s also 15+ pieces of free content on the LEAN app for you to check out. If you’d like to unlock hundreds of hours of fresh workout content, hundreds of recipes, personalised workout and meal plans to help you achieve your goals, sign up to premium on the LEAN app for just 30p/ 45 cent per day.

Not much else left to say other than… Let’s Do This!



SAVE THE DATE: THURSDAY 10 JUNE, THE LEAN APP FINALLY LAUNCHES. Personalised workout guides, personalised meal plans, physio & form tips, a recipe library and so much more. This Hot Girl Summer 7 Day Guide is our last pre LEAN App Launch 7 day guide and I couldn’t be more excited to blast through this week with you. We have so many incredible workouts to look forward to.

LEAN App Launch Date Reveal

7 Day Home Workout Guide

I can’t believe I’m saying this BUT the LEAN App launch date is… Tune in on Wednesday to find out! Everything you need to live your fittest, healthiest and HAPPIEST life in one place. Watch this space Familia. The dream is becoming a reality. Let’s do this!

The LEAN App is Coming!

7 Day Home Workout Guide

This week you will be getting a sneak peak into some of the exciting features of the brand new LEAN App. Live workouts, live cooking, live Q&As with our LEAN Nutritionist and more. I literally can’t believe how excited I am to reveal everything familia! So much to come… Let’s do this!

Summer Shred Starter Guide

Ready to kick start you summer shred? This guide has everything you need to have you feeling strong and glowing from the inside out. I’m in. Are you?

It’s You Against You

This guide is all about YOU. Your goals, your mind, and your body. It doesn’t matter what the people around you are doing, it’s YOU AGAINST YOU, and you will come out on top. Love you familia, let’s do this.

Over the next 14 Days, We’re Going In! If like me, you’ve had a little break from exercise, or you’re looking to increase the intensity, this is the guide for you! I’ll be with you every step of the way. Let’s Do This Familia.

LEAN & Powerful Guide

Think strong. Think power. Think LEAN. Across the next 14 days, You will be challenged with daily fun and effective workouts that will push your body, and way more importantly make you feel INCREDIBLE. I’m excited to go on this journey with you all, and I’m so proud of you for taking the steps to being your fittest, healthiest and happiest self.

Feel Sexy, Feel Strong 14 Day Guide

Over the next 14 days, we’re going to be working on building your resilience. The Feel Sexy, Feel Strong 14 Day Guide focuses on sculpting and building lean muscles, to help you feel sexy and strong from the inside out.

Hourglass Building 14 Day Guide

The Hourglass Building 14 Day Guide is designed to help sculpt and build lean muscle. All muscles in the body will be worked with a particular focus on the core, glutes, shoulders and back.

14 Day Self Care Guide

The 14 Day Self Care Guide is all about putting yourself first. Self care is not selfish. During this guide we’re going to be doing way more than just exercise to look a certain way. We are going to be releasing those endorphins, looking after our mental health and putting aside well deserved time for ourselves.

The Strong & Glow Guide Vol. 2

The Strong & Glow Guide Vol. 2, is a 14 day Home Workout Program designed for a full body burn. There will be live workouts, journaling and a habit tracker and a healthy recipe.

The Strong & Glow Guide

The Strong & Glow Guide, is a 14 day Home Workout Program designed for a full body tone. There will be live workouts, stretches, Nutrition Q and A’s, journaling and a habit tracker and a healthy recipe.

2021 New Years Home Workout Guide

The 2021 New Years Home Workout Guide, is a 14 day Home Workout Program designed for a full body fat burn. There will be live workouts, Q and A’s, journaling and a habit tracker, to help you set your new years goals in motion.

On the lead up to Christmas, we are taking on the LEANmas workout challenge. This challenge will take you through to Christmas, where we will celebrate together with a workout. Get ready for a full body sculpt, and I can’t wait to take on the challenge with you!

7 Day Lilly Sabri x Linda Sun Challenge

Introducing the LS X LS Guide. Are you taking on the Challenge? This is everything you need to live your healthiest and happiest lifestyle. #lsxlschallenge to be featured on instagram Let’s do this!!

14 Day At Home Workout Guide

The 14 Day At Home Workout Guide is a full body fat burn program, designed to target your entire body, with different styles of training across 14 days. There will be live workouts, Q and A’s, live cook-offs, journaling, a habit tracker, and new delicious healthy recipes to try.

14 Day Lockdown Home Workout Guide

The 14 Day Lockdown Workout Guide is designed to target all muscle groups in the body, with different styles of training across 14 days. There will be live workouts, Q and A’s, live cook-offs, journaling, a habit tracker, and new delicious healthy recipes to try.

Fat Burn & Tone Bootcamp

This week, we’re going in! We’re working the entire body and this is going to be INTENSE!

Sculpt & Burn Workout Challenge

This week we’re focusing on full body, toning and sculpting with a lot of Pilates!

Lean Muscle Building Bootcamp

The second week of the LEAN Bootcamp! Download now to get your workouts and free nutrition pack to help you achieve your goals, and maintain them.

Lean Muscle, Fat Loss & Tone Bootcamp

Introducing the new LEAN Bootcamps. Download now to get your workouts and free nutrition pack to help you achieve your goals, and maintain them.

Booty Lift & Waist Sculpt Challenge

This is the Booty Lift and Waist Sculpt workout challenge! Get ready to work your butt and shape your waist. Get ready to burn!

Lean Sculpt & Fat Burn Challenge

This full body lean sculpt and fat burn workout challenge is going to get you sweating! Are you ready?

Legs & Core Workout Challenge

Get ready to burn your core and sculpt your legs. This week, we’re going in!

Build An Hourglass Shape Challenge

This workout challenge is designed to help you build an hourglass shape from home!

Full Body Shred & Intense Abs Challenge

The Full Body and Abs Workout Challenge is designed to sculpt your entire body and burn your abs!

7 Day Abs Best of the Best Challenge!

The 7 Day Abs Best of the Best Challenge is designed to help you burn and tighten into your core!

7 Day Best of the Best Challenge!

The 7 Day Best of the Best Challenge is designed to work your entire body!

7 Day August Abs Challenge!

The 7 Day August Abs Challenge is designed to help you burn and tighten into your core!

7 Day Fat Burn & Hourglass Sculpt Challenge

The 7 Day Fat Burn & Hourglass Sculpt Challenge is designed to raise your heart rate, burn fat and build lean muscle to sculpt into an hourglass frame!

14 Day Summer Shred Challenge

Introducing the 14 Day Summer Shred Challenge. Are you taking on the challenge? Don’t forget to hashtag #14DaySummerShred in your posts!


The Full Body Fat Loss Workout Program is designed to help you lose fat and tone into a lean physique. With the support of Optimum Nutrition, we have created a Program that is going to help support you through this challenging time in self-isolation. This Program includes:


The Self-Isolation Fitness Guide is designed to target all muscle groups in the body, with different styles of training across a 14-day period. With the support of Optimum Nutrition, we have created a Guide that is going to help support you through this challenging time in self-isolation. This free Guide is designed to help us come together as a community during this challenging time and spread positivity, health and happiness.


Welcome to your Pre Summer Shred 40 Day Challenge. This Challenge is designed to help you build & sculpt a lean, toned body, and leave you feeling energised and confident. How does the Challenge work? A new workout will be uploaded to my YouTube channel every single day. To get the best results, you can couple these workouts with the additional recommended workouts shown in your Challenge Timetable. Modifications are provided in the new workouts. Regardless of what level you are at, listen to your body, this timetable is a guide only and you can adapt the workouts if you need to.


Works every muscle group in your body, this challenge sculpts and tones lean legs, arms, abs, back and a lifted booty. Including 5 different styles of training to keep you motivated and get results: Fat Burn HIIT, AMRAP, Resistance, Pilates and Active Recovery. 28 x 28min Real Time Workouts with me


Designed to work the entire body, with 4 different training styles: Fat Burn HIIT, Resistance, Pilates and Active Recovery. 30 x 30 minute Real Time workouts with me.


This Challenge is focused on carving deep into those core muscles, 11 workouts, all 11 minutes long. If you want to get them poppin’ abs this will definitely put you on the right track!


A unique guide designed to kick start your journey to building an hourglass shape. This guide is made up of 6 Real Time Workouts and tips on how to build an X frame physique.


Lilly Sabri’s Thigh and Fat Burning Workouts Review

If you’ve been around my blog before, you probably know that sometimes I get questions about my thoughts on workout programs besides my own.

I love that so many of you want to start your fitness journey! There are a lot of workout programs out there, and I want you to exercise in a way that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

This time, I’m going to review Lilly Sabri’s thigh workouts and also her fat burning exercise routines.

Who Is Lilly Sabri?

Lilly Sabri is one fantastic athlete with incredible credentials. She used to be a national level swimmer, and she graduated with a degree in physiotherapy in 2010.

After that, she worked for the National Health Service and for various football teams. She also became an APPI Pilates Instructor. Clearly, she has some qualifications and experience!

Lilly built up her profile as an Instagram model (and who wouldn’t with her abs?!) and also started her own YouTube channel. She now works as a fitness, health, and lifestyle influencer.

Lilly uses her Pilates, swimming, and physiotherapy background to create fitness videos. For example, she mixes a lot of Pilates routines with HIIT workouts. She really likes her routines to focus on building core strength and high-intensity moves, but she has videos which focus on other parts of the body too.

Lilly Sabri’s Workouts Review

Lilly posts a ton of videos on her YouTube channel. She has new content up almost every single day. She likes to post fitness challenges, routines, and guides.

As so many of you requested, I picked out some of her routines and challenges to provide you with my thoughts. 🙂

Thigh Workouts

Most of you are interested in workouts that will help you tone and slim down your legs, so I decided to begin my review with some of Lilly’s lower body workouts.

Thighs can be a problem area for a lot of women, so I wanted to start here.

All of the following videos are 14-day challenges. They all include a timer (which is helpful when you are following along), and she also provides modifications. Both of these things make the videos fairly accessible to beginners and experts alike!

Lose Thigh Fat in 14 Days (Inner Thighs) – 8 Minute Home Workout

This is a short, eight-minute workout routine that can be done at home. Lilly intends for you to use weights, but she says you can do this with water bottles if you don’t have weights to use from home.

The video has a lot of squats and lunges, and most of them are intended to target the inner thighs.

If you are an Endomorph or Mesomorph body type and you want to slim down your thighs and not make them bigger, I would advise you to avoid doing this particular routine.

Squats and lunges are great exercises, but they will work your quads (muscle at the front of your thighs). This will result in your thighs becoming bigger and not smaller.

This workout would best work for my Ectomorph girls who have trouble toning up and want to build some more muscle.

Lose Back of Thigh Fat in 14 Days – 7 Minute Home Workout

This workout routine is mostly different bridge variations, with different types of movements and pulses to target slightly different areas. The repeated movements will make your butt muscles burn by the end of the routine. 🙂

In the video, Lilly uses a resistance band. This video helps target the back of your legs and the focus is to help lift your butt.

Slimmer Inner & Outer Thighs in 2 Weeks – 7 Minute Home Workout

This workout routine targets both your inner and outer thighs. Like her inner thigh workout, you can use weights or water bottles. You’ll also want a resistance band and a chair.

This video really combines a lot of movements from the previous two videos. You do a lot of squats and bridges.

Bridges are a good exercise to avoid bulking up, but I don’t recommend squats to Endomorphs and Mesomorphs girls who want to slim down their thighs.

My Thoughts on Lilly Sabri’s Thigh Workouts

I know this may be a bit counter intuitive, BUT if you want to lose inner thigh fat, you REALLY shouldn’t focus on doing lots of inner thigh workouts.

Targeting your inner thighs with different inner thigh workouts on a daily basis will make your thigh muscles bigger and also make your inner thighs look bigger and not smaller.

If you want to lose inner thigh fat, the best exercise for losing thigh fat is walking! This type of low intensity steady state cardio works the best for losing leg fat 🙂

Full Body Fat Burning Workouts

As far as I can tell, whenever Lilly sat fat burning workout, she actually means HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

However, like resistance training (weight training), HIIT also mainly burns carbs and NOT fat.

I picked some of Lilly’s popular HIIT workouts from Lilly’s 7 Day Summer Shred Challenge to review. 🙂

Fat Burn Sweat-athon – 7 Day Summer Shred Challenge – 40 min Workout

This video is a 40-minute live-streamed workout that Lilly recorded. After the workout, she answered nutrition questions from viewers.

Lilly starts out the routine with a three-minute warm-up. Warming up is important to prevent injury. The rest of the routine mainly includes a lot of squats, burpees, bicycle crunches, and mountain climbers.

She modifies the workouts as she goes along for those who are still new, and she does some workout moves with a resistance band to make them more challenging for the more experienced viewers.

Ultimate Fat Burn | 7 Day Summer Shred Challenge | 40 min Workout

This workout routine is similar to the previous video. It is a mix between cardio and resistance training and includes a lot of squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, bicycles, and planks. Like the last video, Lilly provides modifications as she goes along for beginners who cannot yet keep up.

But this video does have some pretty unique elements. This routine has three marathon challenge circuits that follow a pyramid set.

Basically, you do two different exercises and the number of repetitions increases as you go. Once you reach the halfway point, you decrease the number of repetitions one by one.

For example, in the first challenge, you do one squat and one burpee, two squats and two burpees, and so on until half the time has passed. Then, you start decreasing your repetitions until you reach one again.

Full Body Fat Burn in 7 Days No Jumping | 10 min Home Workout

Unlike the past two videos, this is a shorter cardio routine. It’s part of the summer shred challenge, but you could also do this on its own just like the 14-day challenge for thighs.

The video is a no-jumping challenge, and it includes a lot of squats, lunges, and bicycles like her other cardio workouts.

Lilly includes a video in the corner with modifications for beginners.

My Thoughts on Lilly Sabri’s Full Body Workouts

I like that Lilly includes bicycle crunches, high knee runs, mountain climbers, and straight punches. These are HIIT moves that don’t cause bulk, and I think you’ll see benefits from doing these.

But these videos also have a lot of squats, burpees, and lunges, all of which can increase your bulkiness, especially if you are a Mesomorph or an Endomorph body type. When you keep doing these exercises every day, your muscles could potentially bulk up.

Also, even though Lilly says these are fat burning workouts, HIIT exercises burn calories mainly from carbs, not from fat, which is why they aren’t the best on their own for fat burning.

LISS – low intensity steady state cardio will help you burn FAT.

Are Lilly’s Workout Videos Effective?

Lilly says that you’ll notice physical and mental changes within 14 days of doing her videos. You might notice changes within two weeks, but it is important to remember that changes can take longer than this. 🙂

There’s no quick fix, and it is better to be slow and safe and work up to things over time. Make sure not to overwork your body. This can cause injuries, and it can make you burn out in general.

Also, the answer to this question mainly depends on your goals. If you don’t mind developing a bit more muscle while getting toned, I’d say you could get pretty good results with Lilly’s workouts, especially if you also pay attention to your diet.

However, if you bulk up easily and you want to lose thigh fat and tone up without getting too muscular or if you want to slim your thigh muscles, I’m not sure these are the best workouts for you. :/

Should You Combine Lilly’s Exercises With My Three Steps Program?

Lilly has so many different workouts on her channel. I like that they are interesting, she is fun, and that there is so much variety. However, she focuses a lot on HIIT workouts and leg workouts that could bulk you up, (depending on your body type).

And since her videos have so many moves like squats and burpees, you will probably see some unwanted bulkiness.

If you combine my program with hers, you’ll definitely notice your lower body is getting bigger. To get slim legs, I recommend focusing on more than just HIIT. I like to combine HIIT with low-intensity cardio and resistance training. Plus, be sure to stick to healthy eating habits.

My program has everything you need to get lean legs by itself. Adding to it would be too much, and you’d be overworking your body. 🙂

Do you have any other programs you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments!

Article written by Rachael Attard

Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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20 comments on “Lilly Sabri’s Thigh and Fat Burning Workouts Review”

Following the right type of workouts and diet for your body type is very important to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to take Rachael’s Body Type Quiz and email us the results at so we could give some guidelines. Also, if you don’t mind, can you tell us your age? 🙂

What body type would you say Lilly Sabri’s workouts suit the best?

Most of her workouts are suited for ectomorphs. Mesomorphs can try them too but since some of her exercises include squats, lunges, and other intense workouts, mesomorphs and endomorphs could bulk up from them. 🙂

I hope that helps. xx

I love this blog series! So informative! Could you potentially do a review of Caroline Girvan’s workouts? She has a TON of workouts available completely free for viewers. I’m specifically curious whether you will approve of her resistance band glute workouts to complement your program for lean legs. 🙂

Thanks for your suggestion! We will make sure to forward it to Rachael for a future review. 🙂

Hi Rachael, could you please review Up To The Beat Fit (Gina B) and Blogilates (Cassey Ho)
Happy New Year 😊😊

Thanks for reaching out 🙂

I will let Rachael know about your proposal and she might do a review on those soon! 🙂

Let me know if I can help you with anything else Brooke says:

Hi Racheal, could you do a review on John Bentons program.

Thank you for suggesting this. I’ll forward this to Rachael and we will take this into consideration for our future posts and reviews. 🙂

What about the classic Tae bo by Billy Blanks? Like the ones from the late 90’s? Advanced live, etc. Or the ones with the resistance bands? Maybe a bit old school, but thought to ask your perspective on these workouts! 😃

Thanks for reaching out! Lerato Kantue says:

Hi Rachael. Thanks for the review. I wanted to find out what is your take on doing rebounding (eg Lauren Roxburgh video on YouTube) in place of walking especially if one can’t get outside or doesn’t have access to treadmill? Thanks

Rebounding is kind of like skipping – it’s a great cardio exercise but it won’t slim down your legs and the bouncing motion can actually make your calves and thighs bigger. Every once in a while is probably OK. But I don’t think it is the most effective exercise – power walking and running are more effective in terms of cardio 🙂

I hope this helps! xx

Hey Rachael, I want to slim down my whole body but especially my stubborn fat on my thighs. I can’t afford to buy a program so I’m doing home workouts. I workout for a long time and right now lilly is the one who challenges me, make me sweat and I don’t get bored during the workout. What should I do if I want to lose thigh fat? Can I walk and do lilly sabri after and still slim my legs?

Thanks for reaching out! 🙂

Power walking is a definite yes! 🙂 Though, she includes a bit more squats and lounges than Rachael would suggest. :/

Here are some of Rachael’s blog posts on thigh fat and full body workouts that you may find helpful. 🙂

Hi Rachael
Can you please review Pamela Reif
I love your workout plan but I also love some of Pamela’s shorter videos.
I’m an endomorph so I avoid any of the squats lunges etc videos
But I do enjoy some of her dance vids and also her tummy and arm ones etc

Thanks for your content you give so much Great advice 🙂

Thanks for reaching out! 🙂

Rachael already wrote a review of Pamela’s routine. You can check it out by following this link. 🙂 xx

I was looking forward to your review about Lilly Sabri. I tried quite a few of her workouts to find out about the hype. Her body definitely blows my mind, so I wanted to see whether I could get my dream abs and legs (I hate bulky legs.) in 14 days as she promised. There is no doubt that her workouts are fun and highly challenging, but my concern was whether her workout plans which she usually emails every week to her subscribers would be realistic. I agree that she overdoes squats and burpees, and often, in her weekly workout plans, the same muscles are worked two or even three or more days in a row. As a mesomorph, I was wondering whether my thighs would bulk up with the repeated movements. What I don’t like about her workout plans is that there is not as much cardio as I would like. (I like dance and aerobics.) Did I get my dream abs and legs 14 days later? Nice try, but at least I gained some strength in my inner thighs. My conclusion is no matter how often I do her workouts and how well I follow her workout plans, even with the right diet, I will never have her body. Her weekly workout plans are not for me because there is not enough cardio for my liking, and I am afraid of making my legs bulky. Besides, I know I would burn out if I follow her workout plan every day, Hope this helps.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your detailed feedback!

I am sure it will help a lot of girls! 🙂 xx


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